Eye to Eye

Declarations from Time Spent with Him

 By: Krystal Woods 

Eye to eye

that’s how we are.

Yours are like fire;

mine are fire seeking.

So close is your face,

Your breath I can feel,

sweet, soft, and strong.

You never leave,

but I will.

I’ll forget this moment

when we are face to face.

I’ll forget the power

that is in your Presence.

And I’ll turn from you

and try to live in my own power.

You know I’ll be back

and I know it too.

But I still leave;

I don’t want to but I do.

This has been such a long season of hard.

It just never quite lets up and I’m tired.

So tired and I don’t like it,

so in my weariness I turn from you

and try to make progress happen

by myself.

You won’t let progress happen

when I turn from you.

Your love is too perfect for that.

You want me back,

face to face, breath to breath.

So this progress I seek,

I’ll never be able to achieve.

I confess I’ve tried and I can’t.

I’m worn, bruised and busted open.

I have launched myself like a battering ram

against this season of hard and I have lost.

My mind, my peace, my clarity, all lost.

All casualties of my self-possessed default

of high expectations, control and perfectionism.

I give up,

at least I want to.

I don’t quite know how to give up.

It’s not part of my sinful, human nature

to release what is in my hands,

in exchange for what is in your hands.

And that’s what you want

open and willing hands.

I turn back to you

and can see hands that are open and willing

to take from me the high expectations, control, and perfectionism

I place on myself and those around me and even YOU.

Even YOU.

I want to let go,

I do.

Show me how.

And so you do.

You take your open hands, with fingers strong and gentle,

and begin to pry open my tightly clenched hands-

one finger at a time.

I look up and your eyes of fire

are looking straight into my eyes.

Your breath, ever light, on my face again.

Into your hands you place mine

and we rest.

Your spirit hovers over my hands,

like it did all those years ago over the waters of the Earth,

and the pads of my fingers begin to roam over your hands.

I feel deep crevasses

in what seems to be a pattern I don’t recognize.

But then I make out a K, and a R,

and oh yes, there is a Y,

and a S, and a T, and then an A and a L.

And I am undone because I can now

see that your defaults are nothing like mine.

I want to give you my defaults in exchange for yours.

Your defaults are full of self-sacrificing love for me,

a love that engraved my name on the palm of your hand.

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